Monday, July 19, 2010

Current Projects!!

I stumbled upon MADE after via the So You Think You are Crafty blog/competition. I was immediately smitten with her blog and her creations. When I saw her Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie pattern, I knew that I had to buy it. I thought that I would start with just the basic dress. I used fabric that I had leftover from my teacher gift wallhanging. I had planned on this being my "test" pattern. However, I fell in LOVE sooo much with the pattern and the dress, I ended up deciding to use one of the more elborate patterns. It was really a quick pattern and I am definitely addicted to using elastic thread now. I would have never thought I could have sewn with it or that it would be so easy to use. So DO-ABLE!

Summer Vacation Dress from MADE

Dana also provided all of us with a wonderful FREE pattern in the Warhol dress. I modified mine slightly. She designed the pattern to have a tie at the side of the collar of the dress. I think that this is adorable...however, I wanted try it without the tie. The pattern is fabulous...but my first attempt was not quite the intended effect that I wanted. I needed to have gathered the dress at the collar bit more to make the dress fit correctly on the shoulders. Additionally, my attempt at omitting the tie on the collar proved not to be the wisest of decisions. Overall though, a great play dress! I can't wait to make another!!

Warhol dress - from MADE

On a side note...the fabric is retro - taken from my mom's sash. It is directly out of the 80's or early 90's. I am pretty sure that my sister and I had something fashioned out of that fabric back in the day!


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