Friday, July 16, 2010

A few more projects....

So, I am still reviewing some of my projects from last year. One of my favorites, which my daughter is still able to wear this year, is the twirl skirt. I based the panels of the skirt from this tutorial, however I also added a band to attach the panels to the skirt (from the apron skirt described here). I felt that the band on the skirt added volume - or more of a twirl effect. I also opted not to add pockets and a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt as the tutorial suggested. I just adore this skirt though!! So cute!!

Twirl Skirt

Another "test" outfit I made last year is a combo of the apron skirt (without the apron) and a peasant top. I do not love the fabrics...but it was a test outfit after all. I still have some many ideas of how I want to use this peasant top many possibilies...just a matter of getting to those ideas!!

Peasant top and twirl skirt


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