Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christmas in July

As I am looking back over my projects, there are a few Christmas projects that I wanted to detail. When is a better time for looking at Christmas projects than July!! Ha! Ha! However, I am trying to go in some sort of order, so hence the reason for the craziness (and I am seriously thinking to myself that I really should start on some of this Christmas projects now..).

As I have been reviewing my projects, I have found there have been several projects that I have not photographed. I don't know why, but I like to have pictures as a reminder of what I have done. I can use this to critique past work and tweak to improve the next time around.

One of those projects that I failed to photograph include crocheting 16 miniature stockings last Christmas. I did this for my son's kindergarten class. For Christmas parties, everyone sends treats, so I thought it would be great to make these miniature stockings to hold the treats but could then also be used as an ornament. When I got done, I swore that I would NEVER do this again...however...I thought they were cute once done and so I might be inclined to try it again. I had printed off this pattern several years ago and can't find the exact site again, but this site is a close match to the stocking pattern that I used. They have even added mini teddy bears to the stockings. Adorable!!

A couple of the Christmas projects that I did photograph last year are pictured below. In trying to decide what to give my son's teacher for Christmas, I decided upon a wall/door hanging. She loves bees and so I decided to use them for the theme. I desperately searched for a wall hanging tutorial, but could not find anything that I felt was fitting. I decided to use a Disappearing 9's quilt pattern for the wall hanging. I used this tutorial. This was my first attempt at any sort of quilting. It looks a bit wonky...which I didn't realize until after the gift was given and looking back at photos. I added a border to the quilt and also added some tabs when attaching the binding to add a dowel rod and ribbon to create the wall hanging. I do not have an embroidery machine, so I had a friend embroider Mrs. (Teacher's Name)'s Busy Bees. Overall, for my first attempt, I was happy with the end result.

Disappearing Nine's Wallhanging

Another project that I decided to tackle (waiting until Christmas Eve to make this brilliant decision) was a pillowcase dress for my daughter. I decided that she must have festive outfit and so took the kids to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric. I also purchased a shirt and fabric for my son to applique a "Christmasy" design on his shirt...however that did not get completed. Below is a less than ideal picture of the pillowcase dress. Those are large Christmas cupcakes on the fabric...just too cute! I know that it will certainly be large enough for her to wear this Christmas as well...which is why the pillowcase dresses are so great. I used this tutorial as my guide for this dress.

Christmas pillowcase dress

Up of some current projects!! Yea!!!


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