Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby gifts finale (for now)

So here is a wrap up the belated gifts that I made for a recent baby shower...a total of three more gifts.

I had purchased some minky fabric when my daughter was a baby as well as a couple of flannel prints. I had used the minky to make her a car seat cover for the winter...but had lots left over. The fabric is so soft and feels sooo nice to touch...however, it is not my favorite for sewing. I have made a couple of blankets with minky now and I never feel like they end up looking quite as "finished" as I would like.

For this blanket, I measured the blanket to be the size of the remaining minky fabric and then cut the flannel print to size as well. I made a basic box, with right sides together. I then serged three of the edges and part of the four edge. I then turned it right side out and top stitched around the edges, closing the last half of the fourth edge. Overall, a very basic concept...just lots of stretching and slipping the minky fabric. In the end, I still handed it over as a not so bad that I thought it had to be converted into another project.

Minky Blanket

In between some of my frustrations with a couple of these shower gifts, I needed a simple project to restore my confidence. I used this
tutorial to make a couple of burp cloths.

Burp Cloth

I purchased a fabric remenant for $.70 and used some Warm & Natural that I had purchased on sale. Super inexpensive (i.e. cheap) and super easy to make gifts! I was not sure that I really like the unfinished/frayed edges...but I only washed the cloths once (due to time sake). I wonder if I had washed more if it might have looked better. I still would make these can't go wrong with cheap & easy!

Burp Cloths

The last gift for this mom was a diaper wipes case. I started with the intention of using this tutorial that included a diaper pouch. It was a great concept and super cute...but I decided I needed to start with the basics first. I ended up using this tutorial instead. I am not normally a glue gun the glue gun & I had to come to an understanding...but after...things went smoothly. My only disappointment with the finished product is that the glue used under the ribbon embellishment is visible.

Diaper Wipes Case

I haven't decided if it bad or good, but I still have two other people to make baby gifts for as well. One is a friend who lives overseas and just had her baby girl (all 11lbs...can you imagine!!). Those presents are my first priority. There is also someone at church that is due at the end of October and I want to make a few things for her baby girl as well. Hopefully, I might be able to fit in another, un-baby, project in before her gifts!


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