Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Garland

So my baby just turned 3 years old! I can't believe how time flies! It feels like the past couple of weeks have been crazy busy and not time for much sewing and/or crafting. However, before her party, I happened upon a blog that gave me a great last minute (literally) idea for party decorations.

Gracie Birthday

For the kids' birthdays they get to choose a theme for the party. My daughter is currently obsessed with all things princess, so I was not surprised at her choice. I really wanted to avoid the Disney princess theme though. We love us some Disney movies...but for some reason, I really dislike any character clothing and any other paraphernalia (including party decorations). If she had really wanted Disney specifically, we would have gone that route, but she is generally easy to please (well....other than the multiple times a day when a melt down occurs and a tantrum ensues...but that is another subject). So, when I found these princess invitations, I thought they were adorable and a great neutral foundation for party decorations as well.

Birthday Invitations

My sister is awesome at making cakes, so I commissioned her to make a cake based upon the invitation (I have made the kids cakes in the past and I normally end up in a panic and completely stressed I have decided there are some projects that are just best left to others). I gave her complete creative control other than the basic design and as always, I was very happy with the end result (she also made my son's cake this past year - a very cool race track)!

Birthday Cake

I decided to just use pink & purple for the decorations. I could not find any decorations that were princess-ey that did not look cheap and/or were not Disney. I would have loved to have found some plates, garland, etc. that matched the invitations, but no such luck. The party was very small, mostly just family and just a couple of friends...and being frugal (i.e. cheap) I also did not want to spend a huge amount of money on decorations. The day of the party, I remembered a blog I had recently seen, showing how to sew paper circles into a garland I didn't want circles...but I had a couple of extra invitations, so why couldn't I do the same with princess tiaras instead?!

With literally minutes to spare before the party, I traced the invitation onto pink & purple construction paper.

Trace invitation

Start of the garland

Once done tracing, I cut several layers at once. I then went to the sewing machine and got started! I started about midway through the tiara and sewed a straight line.

Sewing the garland

Sorry for photo quality!

I decided to make the garland with one tiara pointing upwards and the next going downwards. So, I laid the next tiara close to the first that was on the sewing machine and kept stitching. I connected at the "bulb" part of the tiara.

Attaching another tiara

Again, sorry for the quality of the lighting is not good near my sewing machine!

I continued to add tiaras until I reached my desired length. This a picture of a few tiaras attached together.

Garland view

I made a total of four garlands with 10 tiaras per garland. If I had allowed myself more time and supplies, I would have likely made them a bit longer. I used one garland on the cake table and then used the other three as table runners on the three guest tables.

Birthday Garland

I was happy that I was able to decorate in the desired theme, without "characters" and on the cheap! It was a win-win! Most importantly, my daughter had a great day! Thanks to Creative Passage for the inspiration (she is blogging from my part of the world too!).

P.S. Thanks to the new followers of the blog!!


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